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At Clic, we've always been dedicated to curating exceptional products and offering our discerning customers a taste of the extraordinary. In 15 years Christiane Celle has transformed Clic from a bookstore and art gallery into a sophisticated destination that celebrates contemporary photography, art, fashion, books, and exquisite home goods. Today, we proudly present a unique synergy between Clic and The Society Of Scent, a brand that shares our unwavering commitment to quality and exclusivity.
Discover The Society of Scent through an exclusive selection of artwork from Clic Photography Gallery created by Beatrice Dupire, the Creative Director of The Society of Scent. These pieces have been carefully chosen to capture the essence of the fragrances and the world they evoke.


Asphalt Noir(e): This collage between Sam Haskins “Kate, front cover” and Stephane Gizard ”Rue Royale et obélisque de la Concorde “ represents an ultimate combination of chic, daring and slightly decadent of a night out in cities like, Paris, Berlin, New York or Los Angeles. The ultimate seductive hero(ine) an androgyne Tuxedo by YSl walking on glossy asphalt.

Seduction and intensity for this intense Eau de Parfum woody, between the power of cardamom, incense and delicate narcissus.


Silver Lightning: This collage between the metallic-chic “Cher” photographed by Ron Galella and the vibrant “Paris Rainbow” photographed by Kate Holstein are an amazing visual métaphores of Silver Lightning luminous, electric and sleek vibe.

A flesh of airy effervescence and youth.luminous, electric and sleek touch on skin. Inspired by the white shines of Sake, Japan's clean water and the electricity charge.

A few ingredients for this gender-neutral Eau de Parfum include smoked tea, black currant glaze, and white cardamom. A floral woody musk.


This collage between the iconic David Bowie photographed by Richard Imrie and the “Iris Study” photographed by Blaise Heward represents a very tactile approach to the olfactory narrative. I started on an evocation of a scented statue, the feel and the touch of powder in a boudoir. The ambiguity of David Bowie’s beauty and style in particular with a milky touch of makeup evoke this statuesque presence. The precious and mysterious  Iris  completes this search for a “mineral dust” feel.

Ashen Orris a floral eau de parfum with a mixed of coriander, sandalwood and galbanum.

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