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Embrace The Festive Spirt with Linen Tales

When I walked into my apartment after a recent trip back home to visit my parents, something felt a bit off, but I could not quite put my finger on it.  Later in the week, I was at our Soho store checking out the new items from Linen Tales when it hit me. The bucolic tablecloths, napkins and placemats printed with orange and yellow leaves in beautiful autumn colors along with mistletoe and red pears in anticipation of the coming holiday season reminded me of my childhood home. 

Growing up my mom decorated our house based on the seasons and certain holidays, and it was no different during my recent visit.  Tablecloths with autumn leaves, glasses with ghosts and black cats for Halloween, miniature pumpkins and gourds strewn about the house. My parent’s home is always decorated based on the season, and my apartment is not. That’s what felt off to me. There is a certain feeling, a jovial excitement you get, especially around this time of year.  Decorating the space you live in ignites that excitement. 

All Linen Tales products are made by hand by artisans in Lithuania using 100% linen, which makes their wide array of designs and prints even more impressive. Little things like festive napkins make your daily life more beautiful, and setting the table with seasonal items gets you in the holiday spirit. With Thanksgiving around the corner there is no better time to share that festive feeling with others.

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