Andrew Dosunmu and Beatrice Dupire Interview

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your book, monograph and the inspiration behind it? 

Andrew: Monograph is a combination of works that I have done the past decade or two that comprises of photography, filmmaking and videomaking. A journey of my creative career. From being a stylist to a creative director, to music video director to film maker and photographer. It’s a combination of all of that it’s a book of ideas, inspiration, what inspires me, rather than just a photography book. It's more of a visual arts book, a combination of things that ignites me.  

Interviewer: Beatrice, can you explain your role in the book and your vision for the design.  

Beatrice: We started the book two years ago with a long conversation, Andrew and most artists are very particular. I wanted to express the true meaning of Andrews work and my challenge was to find an immersive idea for the person who discovers the book to find a new narrative or experience each time they turn the page.  

Andrew: It’s a book about human connection 

Interviewer: Why is there no description in the book, or under any of the images? 

Beatrice: We wanted the reader to discover the work of the artist. We believe the images speak for themselves. When you have this type of image, everyone will have different emotions when they see it, everyone will have a different reaction. We didn’t want to put a label on the people in the book. 

Interviewer: Andrew what is the message you want to convey in this book: 

Andrew: The book is a journey, you are not bound by borders, the book travels through too many contents without screaming where it is exactly. You would never realize they are different continents. Which was very important to me. It's about that universal connection that humans have.  

Andrew Dosunmu: Monograph

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