Timeless Dining with Mi Cocina

 This week I officially packed away my summer clothes- shorts, tank tops, swim trunks and the like. An exciting moment every year when the weather changes and you can “really start dressing.” I pulled out clothes I haven’t seen in months like sweaters, vests and ahh there it is- my favorite pair of jeans. A pair of raw denim that I had worn down and broken in over the years.  I wish I didn’t pack these away I definitely could have worn them in the summer.   
The next morning, I threw those jeans on and headed to work on a crisp, sunny Fall Morning. I walked into our Clic store on the corner of Centre and Broome and was immediately struck by these gorgeous laser etched denim placemats from Mi Cocina. I kept looking, denim everywhere- denim napkins, aprons, potholders, and oven mitts. Mi Cocina has always been one of my favorite brands, it strikes a feeling of americana in me much like my favorite jeans, and now I know why. Founder and designer Ulrich Conrad Simpson previously worked at iconic American brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, before he decided to branch out and start his own brand.  
Ethically sourced and produced in the USA, Mi Cocina takes a fabric traditionally used for clothing and reimagines it for the kitchen and home. Simpson chose to work with denim because: “The more you wash it, the softer it gets. The dirtier things get, the better the product looks. What other fabric do you know of that can withstand constant abuse and still look so good?” Denim is not only timeless, but it brings function into the kitchen and dining room.   
I can imagine gathering around for Thanksgiving dinner with denim placemats and napkins strewn around the table, outside for a barbeque, heck even a Tuesday night dinner at home. 
Shop Christiane Celle’s favorite items from Mi Cocina here

I love the versatility of this collection! Clic offers the best quality and styles. I’m loving these blogs!

Christa P. October 17, 2023

Great article!!

Max October 17, 2023

I love that a brand and I love shopping at Clic because they have such interesting and small, lesser known designers.

Theresa Drew October 16, 2023
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