Embrace falling temperatures with Bare Knitwear

This past week the East Coast enjoyed an Indian summer with minimal cloud coverage and temperatures reaching the high 70s and low 80s. Here at the Clic office in Soho New York, you could see people sporting dresses, skirts, shorts and T Shirts, but one look at the weather app and you can tell the writing is on the wall, Fall is here, and Winter is coming. Enter Bare Knitwear.  

Founded in 2012 by Kelsey Adair in Western Canada, Bare Knitwear focuses on sustainable fibers and artisan craftsmanship, creating all their products exclusively in Peru. Adair describes the brand as “a lifestyle free of excess, evoking feelings of authenticity and minimalism. A philosophy I personally live by which also transcends into every aspect of the brand.” One look at their Stanley Pullover or Alpaca Beanies and you can see their ethos come to life. Explore Christiane Celle’s hand-picked pieces for Clic and infuse an effortless elegance into your everyday style with chic, minimalist pieces that give your wardrobe endless wearability.  

 Discover Christiane Celle's selection.

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Love it! Definitely going to check out the suggestions.

Hugh October 10, 2023
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