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Last weekend I woke up on Saturday with an eerily similar feeling. It was dark, cold and without even looking out the window I knew it was raining. I sat on my couch, checked the weather app on my phone and saw that it was going to rain all day and oh, great it is going to rain next weekend as well (for the seventh!!!!!) Saturday in a row. Something must change. I can’t control the weather, but maybe I can control how it affects me. Curling up on the couch with a big warm blanket, watching football or a scary movie seemed like the perfect cure for the rainy-day blues, but alas I did not have a blanket. Thankfully I work at Clic.  

After work on Tuesday, I took a walk down to our Tribeca store to check out our wide selection of blankets and throws in person. The Stitching throw from Mantas Ezcar immediately caught my eye. A mohair blanket in two colors, joined by a strip of suede, and twisted fringes looked amazing, yet the feel was even better. It was thick and warm, yet lightweight in a way that only mohair can be. After a little research into the company, I was sold. Founded in 1930 by Cecilio Valgañóng, Mantas Ezcaray’s products are all handcrafted in Spain using only the finest materials, including mohair, cashmere, alpaca and wool.   

However, they are not only focused on creating the best products, but on sustainability as well. Mantas Ezcaray “ensure that all the natural fibers we purchase come from animals that are exceptionally cared for both on the farms where they live and graze freely” while also following the five principles of animal welfare. A beautiful throw I can feel good about using-I was officially sold! On Thursday, I went back to Tribeca and purchased the Ecru and Cream Stitching throw in preparation for the rainy weekend and the inevitable chilly weather to come.  

It is now Friday, and at this very moment, while I am writing, it is raining outside, and it is going to rain tomorrow, but with my new throw I am not dreading being inside for another Saturday. Do I dare say I’m looking forward to it? 

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