Wallace Sewell: Elevating the Bedroom with Artful Textiles

Some would say the bedroom is the most important room in your home.  It is not just a place for sleeping; it's a vital space that impacts our daily lives profoundly. It is where we start each and every day and where we put our day behind us. Its design, ambiance, and functionality play a crucial role in ensuring rest, relaxation, and a sense of personal sanctuary, ultimately contributing to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

Wallace and Sewell understand this more than anyone. Started in the UK by Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell, they've become well known for their “use of color, structure, and yarn in surprising geometric formats.” Often inspired by paintings, they create individual contemporary fabrics with strikingly bold, asymmetric blocks and stripes of varying scales, which bring together a plethora of elements within one piece. The patterns and use of color are unequivocally gorgeous, but what really sets them apart is the feel. I am not exaggerating when I say they have the softest pillows and blankets I have ever had the pleasure of lying my head upon or cozying up under.   

Wallace Sewell is renowned for its exceptional designs that go beyond the traditional realm of blankets and pillows. Their creations are more than mere home accessories; they're artistic masterpieces that can transform spaces, especially the bedroom, into havens of comfort and aesthetic delight. Not only will you get your best night’s sleep, you will wake up in a space so beautiful you cannot wait to start your day!

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