Elevate Your Home to Perpetual Paradise

Who doesn't yearn for the feeling of a perpetual holiday? Imagine if stepping into your living room every day felt like arriving at a luxurious vacation destination. Maison de Vacances, the epitome of sophistication and comfort, transforms this dream into reality. The name of the brand ‘Maison de Vacances’ directly translates to vacation home. It is their motivation and purpose behind everything they create-from pillows and couches to tablecloths and napkins.   

Here at Clic, we love Maison de Vacances; it is one of our core brands primarily because of their dedication to timeless style. Their couches, adorned in a palette of rich colors and textures, exude an air of sophistication that never fades. These are not merely pieces of furniture; they are investments in enduring elegance. Regardless of evolving trends, their products stand the test of time, seamlessly blending into any home decor while retaining their allure.  

While we have carried several of their products for a long time, we just recently started selling their couches. And there is no other way to describe them, except to say they are magnificent. Picture yourself sinking into a Maison de Vacances couch after a long day—a feeling that instantly transports you to a state of unwinding bliss. Crafted with precision and unparalleled attention to detail, their couches redefine comfort. From plush velvet to soft linen, wool, cotton, and earthy jute, their use of diverse high-quality materials adds depth to every piece, promising an opulent seating experience.  

Maison de Vacances doesn’t just create products; they craft experiences. Owning one of their couches means inviting the essence of a perpetual holiday into your home—a touch of luxury, comfort, and elegance that transcends time and trends. 

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