Michael Dweck and The End

Ten years ago, Michael Dweck released The End: Montauk, NY. Hailed as "the ultimate homage to the sun-kissed life," the edition's 5,000 copies sold out in two weeks.

The new, expanded edition includes new essays and 260 photographs (85 unpublished) – and is an idyllic and sensual portrait of the famed shing community. It offers an idealized glimpse into the lives of the beautiful denizens who comprise its subculture and tells a paradisiacal narrative about summer and youth, which blends idealism and documentation to re ect a place and a way of life both fading and being reinvented.

Michael Dweck is an American photographer, lmmaker and visual artist.

His work has been featured in solo exhibitions around the world, and become part of important international art collections. Notable solo exhibitions include Montauk: The End (2004), a paradisiacal and erotic surf narrative set on Long Island; Mermaids (2009), an impressionistic underwater dreamscape populated by storied “river children” in rural Florida; and Habana Libre (2012); an intimate exploration of privileged artists in socialist Cuba, which made him the first living American artist to have a solo exhibition in Cuba. These and other works have also been published in large, limited-edition volumes. Two of his long-form television pieces are part of the permanent lm collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

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