Lucie Rie, to be remembered | Clic

We’ve seen the rise of pottery over the last couple of years with the artistic movement of design as an expressive art. Ceramics are subtile yet have a hardworking process behind them. Curves, textures, clay types, baking methods- all of them studied and applied to accomplish an esthetic the artist wants to covey to his public.

Our #Tuesdayinspiraiton is Lucie Rie. Famous potterist born in Vienna, she took part of the Wiener Werkstätte- a production community of visual artists bringing together architects, artists and designers. At age age of 23 she won a silver medal at the Paris International Exhibition, same one where Pablo Picasso painted Guernica. She became well known and acclaimed for her work inspired in Neoclassicism, Jugendstil, modernism, and Japonism.

Today Lucie Rie is a huge inspiration to all. As the modern woman, she not only crafted ceramic vases, but also made her own ceramic buttons. She is what we now call a vissionairy.

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